About me

I am a home cook. I have been a foodie ever since I remember spending time with my mom in her kitchen, smelling all the wonderful spices, learning to pick the freshest vegetables and fruit, making snacks from scratch. This love for food, cooking and experimenting has been a constant companion through all of life's events like education, career, moving to another country, marriage and becoming a mom. I hope this blog will serve as a reference to all our home cooked recipes for my son when he grows up. I get excited about food, be it a new dish in a restaurant, fresh produce at the farmer's market or when nostalgia sets in and I am craving something I haven't eaten in years. 

There are many wonderful educational cooking websites and I don't intend to make this like one of them. Through my craves and raves, you will get a glimpse of my love affair with food. I was born and brought up in India, so of course there will be spices and Indian influences in my experiments. I love to use local produce with traditional Indian recipes.

Consider yourself warned! This is a vegetarian blog. Not vegan, though many recipes will qualify for it. I love my butter and cheese ! Welcome to my world!

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