strawberry ricotta pancakes

December 7, 2016

These are not your everyday pancakes. They are sweet, creamy, rich and decadent. The kiddo came back from school and it looked like he had a bad day. There is a saying in Telugu (my mother tongue) "peeta kashtaalu peetavi", meaning even a crab will have it's own problems :). I did not have the heart to make him finish his half eaten left over cold lunch after school. It's been an on going battle to get him to eat his lunch, not very successful so far! Anyways, I was in an indulgent mood and wanted to make him a special treat to lift his spirits. It usually works for me, good food can get me out of a bad mood.

I started making pancakes and thought of lemon ricotta pancakes. I probably saw those on food network some time but couldn't fully remember and did not have the time to look up recipes. I needed to whip these up fast and get them to my hangry kiddo :) :)

So, I started with the usual ingredients for regular pancakes and decided to substitute some of the milk with ricotta cheese. I also had some fresh strawberries and added those as well. The results were amazing. Ricotta cheese adds a creamy milky taste. I could not resist them either and I managed to distract the little one as well ;)


I later looked them up and found Giada's ricotta pancake recipe. Here is a link to that one.



Here is what I did.



all purpose flour 1/2 cup

ricotta cheese 1/4 cup

milk 2%  3/4 cup

sugar 1 tbsp.

salt 1 pinch

baking soda 1/4 tsp

vanilla extract 1/2 tsp

melted butter 1 tbsp.

strawberries 2 large diced small

maple syrup

powdered sugar



  1. Take a mixing bowl and add all purpose flour, sugar, salt, baking soda and mix.

  2. Add milk to the measuring cup, mix gently the ricotta cheese, vanilla extract and melted butter.

  3. Add the wet ingredients to the bowl and mix well.

  4. Add the chopped strawberries.

  5. Mix and make small pancakes on medium to low heat with butter. These take a little while to cook and are delicate and not very easy to flip. Making small ones really helps.

  6. Serve hot with a drizzle of maple syrup and a dusting of powdered sugar.


I got four pancakes out of the recipe.


These pancakes tasted like the distant cousin of a famous dessert from India called Malpua. Malpua is typically deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup. If I have piqued your interest, here is the recipe

I consider this website as an encyclopedia for Indian vegetarian dishes. Her recipes are very good. If I need to look up any Indian recipe, I first refer to her recipe. Of course, I do as I please later on!


My apologies for not having more pictures. I was not planning on making this a post, but these were so good, I just had to share!


 *Usually, I try to keep them more healthy by using whole wheat and other wholegrain flours like sorghum/ amaranth/millet flours along with some all purpose flour. That is the reason I call these pancakes a treat, they are not particularly healthy.


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