Rava laddu - Sweet semolina morsels

April 6, 2017

I have very sweet memories of making different kinds of laddus with my mom while growing up. She would make besan laddu, muri (puffed rice) laddu and sometimes rava laddu. She would get everything ready and I would help her form them into round laddus. I liked the taste of rava laddu but did not enjoy making them. I would feel the rava to be coarse and poking my tender fingers as I tried to bind them into laddus. I would wait for her to finish making them and devour them. I made them for a social event last week, it brought back all those memories. 


The photos are from when I made a large batch for an event recently. I will state smaller quantities in the recipe for convenience. You can always double or triple the recipe. You will get approximately 10 laddus with this recipe. The number will depend on the size of each laddu.



Rava / sooji/ semolina - 1 cup

Fresh/frozen coconut - 1/4 cup

Sugar - 3/4 th  cup

Cashews ~12 broken into small pieces

Raisins ~15

Cardamom - 4 

Ghee - 2 tbsp

Milk ~ 2-3 tbsp 



  1. Peel the cardamom and powder them along with sugar in a grinder. Do not use store bought powdered sugar, it has some corn starch in it and this can alter the taste.

  2. Coarsely crush cashews. You can use more or less as per taste.

  3. Take a wide pan and warm the ghee.

  4. Roast the cashews and skim them from the ghee and place in a large bowl.

  5. Fry the raisins in the same ghee till they puff up and skim them out of the ghee and add to the cashews.

  6. Slow roast the rava in the same pan till it absorbs the remaining ghee and is fragrant.

  7. Add the ghee to the mixing bowl with cashews and raisins.

  8. Roast the thawed / fresh grated coconut in the same pan till it is slightly dry and aromatic, take care to not over roast it.

  9. Add the coconut to the bowl.

  10. Now add the powdered sugar and mix well till it is all mixed together.

  11. When it is warm enough to handle, heat the milk and add a spoon at a time. Mix everything together. Take care to not add too much milk. The milk is only used for binding the laddus. Add little at a time and mix well. If the mix looks dry and does not form a laddu, add some more. Remember, we can always add more, but we cannot take it out. 

  12. Make laddus and store in an airtight container once they cool down completely.




Roast cashews and raisins.


 Add roasted sooji.

 Add roasted coconut and powdered sugar.

 Mix it all very well so that each laddu gets some cashews and raisins. Add hot milk very little at a time, just enough to bind the laddus.

 Make laddus and let them cool completely. 






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