Farmer's market inspirations

April 11, 2017

I love this time of the year. The birds are chirping and everything seems to be getting out of it's slumber. The trees and flower beds are blooming and it gives a sense of hope for the times ahead. I love the longer days filled with bright sunshine and fresh local produce.



All through Summer and Fall I look forward to going to the farmer's market. There is a serene sense of contentment in picking fresh produce and fresh baked artisan products on a Saturday morning. My contentment is complete when my husband and my little one join me. The promise of a leisurely weekend, contemplating what to cook with the fresh produce is pure bliss. Each weekday we are drowned in the mundane routine of work, house work, school etc., Saturday mornings are perfect for relaxing, because by Sunday afternoon we are mentally already on Monday! Yes, in my family, we sometimes suffer Sunday evening blues- the realization that we whiled away the weekend postponing chores for Monday morning. Hence this love for Saturday mornings. It gives me great pleasure to walk through the farmer's market, family in tow, checking out the fresh vegetables, planning the menu for lunch/dinner. It's usually dinner because we end up eating a heavy breakfast or lunch at one of the wonderful food trucks. How I look forward to those days!

These are they days I experiment with whatever I find fresh in the market. I am sharing a few pictures from my posts over this past year's trips to the farmer's market.


Multicolored bell peppers, potatoes and sweet potatoes stuffed with fresh corn, black beans, cheese and spices.


We got very fresh ridge gourd/melon for a couple of weeks. I made masala dosa that week. The filling was ridge gourd peanut curry. The accompaniments were chutney made with the skin/peel of ridge gourd and butternut squash sambar.


Another week it was dosa filled with sauteed spinach and garlic scapes, peanut chutney and quick pickled radishes and cucumbers.



Sometimes the produce is so fresh that you want to eat it fresh with as little meddling as possible.



Indian style fire roasted Illinois corn rubbed with salt, chilli powder and lime.


Fresh zucchini stuffed with paneer burji ( scrambled paneer) and baked .


English muffin with mascarpone cheese, fresh sliced peaches, drizzled with honey.



Fresh peach puree with plain homemade yogurt, served with sliced peaches.



Grilled tomato, cheese and basil sandwich with bread from one of the local bakers.


Puris(deep fried flat breads) with dum aloo  (new baby red potato curry)



My friend gave me fresh plums from her tree. We enjoyed a lot of fresh ones and I made plum chutney with some of them.



So friends, these were my adventures from last year. A time when I was posting on Facebook but not blogging. I hope to try many new things this year too and post recipes of my successful endeavors!


























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